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A New Blog and a Fresh Start!

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Hello muffins!

Thanks for following me here to my new website! You may have found me here from my previous Wordpress 'diaryofaflaneuse' or perhaps my twitter account @mzflaneuse or some other way. Eventually, hopefully I'll get a bit more organized and even perhaps finally purchase a domain name but first things first: I have decided to start over, as I have so many times before with a new site so that I can have a place where I can collectively keep all my little projects together. I was finding that with the Hanamaru Handmade stuff and the healthy living and recipes stuff, together with the travel stuff, it was all getting a bit disjointed and spread out and after reading some stuff about the best way to market and brand your handmade products, I have decided to just lean towards using my good ol name. Timeless. Don't have to mess around with a logo. And most importantly everyone can find my stuff all at the same place. So here if I can get my act together and actually start to post again, somewhat consistently you might see some of the crafty things I might have for sale, either here or at a shop, vegetarian recipes and travel stuff, and basically whatever else I feel like posting.

I've been struggling with the idea of a blog over the past couple of years, which has led me to sort of abandon it. Blogs seem to me (and others!) as self-aggrandizing, self-important and self-absorbed. I didn't want to ever come across like that; like my stuff to say was so important I just *had* to get it out there to the world, particularly when often times I was just posting stuff I felt like, that maybe no one was interested in! But then I thought of my favourite blogs, and why I liked them and I have never thought of those writers like that. I have always thought they had valid and important things to say, and I learn things from them, or go to them for inspiration, recipes or beautiful photos or whatever! I don't often think of the potential insecurities of the person behind the blog and think about them being a 'real' person like me, who might also be a weirdo with social anxieties, but still with some things to say! I might not always be the most articulate person, but I like to learn and share. So we'll go from there. Thanks for sticking with me and welcome to all new readers.


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