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Guest Post: Want To Become A Digital Nomad? 4 Steps To Change The Way You Live

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​More employers are starting to embrace teams and freelancers that work remotely. Still, there are special considerations you need to take before you abandon your office and transition to a digital nomad lifestyle. So how can you become a digital nomad?

Becoming A Digital Nomad

Digital nomads work just as hard as anybody else and usually without a permanent location. There are numerous advantages to becoming a digital nomad, but preparation is important before you can work remotely.

Telecommuting offers you geographic flexibility to live and work from anywhere in the world, as well as the flexibility to choose your own hours. Follow these steps to untie your life from a particular location and start creating your own rules for how you work and live.

1. Find A Job That Allows You To Telecommute

If you can take your work from a physical office to anywhere, that means you can be a digital nomad. And if you can do your job, communicate with customers or your team through online means, and still see great results from home, you can do the same while you're abroad.

If you can't get the green light from your employer to telecommute full-time, consider looking for a new, remote job. A great way to tackle this is to become an independent freelancer using your knowledge and skills from your current job or another industry that interests you.

Sign up to an online job board, advertise yourself, find clients, amass great reviews, and before you know it, you're a digital nomad who works their own hours from a beach in Bali.

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Consider starting your own freelance business by forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company). This business structure offers flexibility, tax benefits, and less paperwork to fill in, as well as protections like limited liability. Ensure you research your state's regulations before getting the forms to start an LLC, or work with a formation service to make things easier for yourself and spend less money on the process.

2. Create Income Streams

You don't need to have a new income source in line to move to another country or state. But to become a digital nomad, able to support yourself while living and working anywhere in the world, you do need ongoing income. Make sure you figure this out before you start stressing about how to earn your next paycheque.

3. Eliminate Expenses While Boosting Income

Verify your expenses and subscriptions to see what you can live without. Start eliminating unnecessary spending so that you have more money to spend on your travels. If you have debt, work to pay it off quickly to reduce interest payments. Look for side hustles or ways you can earn more money in your spare time.

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4. Choose Your First Destination

Digital nomads travel a few times a year, so don't concern yourself too much about where you should go first. Choose a place with a good internet connection and lower costs of living so that you can afford to finance your lifestyle and work for a time.

Finding a place to live as a digital nomad is now easier than ever before: if you're looking to travel to countries with a lower living cost, you'll likely find a better value on Airbnb or other similar websites. In more renowned digital nomad locales, you may even find co-living spaces. This gives you the chance to live in shared and serviced housing with areas to work in under the same roof.

Enjoy Life From A Different Standpoint

Becoming a digital nomad and working remotely from an exotic locale seems like the perfect lifestyle. If you think you're ready to start traveling the world and work from anywhere while fully supporting yourself, simply implement these strategies and start enjoying life from another perspective.

This guest post was written by Tina Martin of Idea Inspired. You can learn more about her work here.


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