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Yoga For Love - What Is It?

2 women practicing yoga outside
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

Yoga For Love is an invitation to question the thoughts and judgements we have about ourselves and to become more open to the idea that we are all okay in this moment – perfect as we are.

Self-criticism and low sense of self-worth are common feelings, but many of us were also taught, growing up, that anything but this was vanity, self-aggrandizing and even sometimes sinful. For other people, ideas about ourselves were formed in childhood or as we got older based on bullying, the images of people we saw in magazines, and what we’ve been taught about conventional beauty, including its age, size, gender identity, etc.

But what yoga teaches us is that all these external things are mere distractions and get in the way of allowing us to acknowledge our true Self (capital S) that is already perfect, pure, and has a direct connection with Source (however we define that).

But how does yoga do this? By practicing a series of non-competitive postures/shapes and simply noticing, without judgement, where we are in that moment shows us that there is always room for growth and change (good and bad) and thoughts about ourselves are merely to be observed and not really taken too seriously.

Further, practicing simply being still in the present moment and observing our breath can help still this whirlwind of thoughts and judgements. The great teacher Patanjali said “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha” which means “Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind” and this, of course, takes practice.

My idea for Yoga For Love is that we open ourselves up to the possibility of thinking differently about ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and our self-talk, by observing our habits and gently course-correcting.

Self-acceptance in our asana or yoga postures can help us do this, and by developing compassion for ourselves, we learn how to better build compassion for each other too, as we’re really all just in this big mess together.

With this in mind, my classes are based around a central theme, but it’s not important for you to observe these or even care about them at all if you don’t want to! If all you’re looking for is a chance to do some yoga, this is your space. You can take what you need and leave the rest.

For others, you are welcome to consider these themes and use what you can! Classes will begin with a short grounding/meditation in which you are also welcome to journal or just listen.

Likewise, at the end of class, there will be a chance to circle back and journal for a few minutes, jot down some notes to work on later, or simply sit and consider your intentions around this theme. In between, these concepts may be lightly touched on as we move through our yoga practice with a posture or two that’s connected to this theme. Again, if all you’re looking for is a good stretch and a one-hour yoga class – that’s good too!

Our themes for the first set of 4 classes:

· Plant seeds

· Show Up

· Make It Light

· Tend Your Flame

I’m so looking forward to you joining me! Please book your class here


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