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Guest Post: 11 Digital Nomad Jobs for Absolute Beginners (0 Experience)

Being a digital nomad has many advantages, and becoming one has become many people's business goals. Being able to work from the best digital nomad destinations, be free, and make your schedule, all this is possible.

Do you want to become a digital nomad, but you have no experience? Are you wondering where to find a job as a digital nomad? And what are the best jobs for beginners?

A report by Entrepreneur found that 17% of digital nomads travel to more than five countries per year. But, of course, being a digital nomad is not always easy, and having a job that allows you to travel is essential.

In this article, you will discover the most popular, the easiest, and the best digital nomad jobs for absolute beginners, even if you have no previous experience.

Where Can You Find Digital Nomad Jobs And Projects?

Woman at a desk working on her computer

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There are many online platforms to find your perfect digital nomad job. As a digital nomad, you can be either a part-time or full-time employee or a freelancer.

If you're willing to find a job as a freelancer, you will want to create a verified profile on one of these websites and start getting your first clients. The best freelancing platforms for digital nomads are:

  • Guru

  • Total

  • Upwork


  • People Per Hour

On the other hand, these are the most successful websites to find a digital nomad job:

  • Flexjobs

  • LinkedIn

  • Glassdoor



  • We Work Remotely

Most digital nomad jobs include programmers, online entrepreneurs, social media advertisers, web developers, bloggers, and many others. Make sure to read until the end to discover the most common digital job jobs for absolute beginners.

Do Digital Nomads Need Work Visas?

Image of visa application form, money, a map, a coffee, etc.

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When someone travels to any foreign country, a passport and sometimes a visa are required. Digital nomads typically receive a tourist visa for one or more months in many countries.

However, apart from tourist visas, do digital nomads need work visas? In theory, they do, as a tourist visa does not allow a person to work. However, tourist visas are the easiest to get.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries allowed digital nomads to remain in the country, paying a reasonable amount of taxes.

Last but not least, several countries have digital nomad visas established. Still, the requirements and application fees can be costly.

To sum up, digital nomads most often travel on a tourist visa to work remotely from their favorite digital nomad destinations. Unfortunately, while digital nomad visas are in place, costs are exorbitant, and not everyone can or will afford them.

How Much Do Digital Nomads Earn?

Graphic of a globe with a ethernet cable coming out of it attached to a wad of money.

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The amount of money that remote workers earn depends, of course, on their occupation, where their employer is based, and their experience.

According to MBO Partners, 16% of digital nomads earn more than $75,000 per year. However, 38% of digital nomads earn less than $10,000 yearly.

While this isn't the majority, this shows that, as a digital nomad, you can make a relatively high amount of money, especially if you live abroad in a cheap country.

11 Best Digital Jobs For Beginners With No Experience

While there are dozens of digital nomad jobs and projects available, finding the ones with no experience required is sometimes needed depending on the person.

A study by Flexjobs revealed that 72% of digital nomads have a bachelor's degree at least, and 33% have a master's degree.

Below, you'll find the easiest digital nomad jobs for beginners with no experience.

Content Writer

Being a content writer is researching, writing, and editing online content for clients such as blog owners, marketing agencies, or general companies.

Content writers may write blog posts, video scripts, brochures, product reviews, and more.

Content writers usually must possess some skills to make good content, such as originality, time management skills, research skills, and social media knowledge.

In short, to be a good content writer, you'll need to write well, have some SEO knowledge, and research the information online or offline.

While you do not need any experience to get started, we recommend getting some online courses in order to know what you're getting yourself into.


Being a translator is one of the most popular jobs for digital nomads. Of course, translators are expected to have an excellent knowledge of their native and other languages.

Just like a content writer, to start as a translator without experience, we recommend getting your first few clients on a freelancer website such as Upwork or People Per Hour.

Also, you can perform the job from any part of the world as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

There is also a high demand for freelance translators as they work on many different types of documents such as legal contracts, agreements, user manuals, websites, and many more.

The entry barriers are relatively low, and there is almost no upfront investment apart from some bit of education and certification.


A transcriber converts audio or video recordings into written form.

There are some qualities that you should have to impress your clients and make a good living out of your transcriber career.

May it be speed and accuracy, typing skills, proper punctuations, good listening skills, commitment, and self-motivation.

Companies still need their work to be captioned and transcribed, and that is where digital nomads intervene, even with no experience.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person contracted to take care of administrative tasks to customers while working outside the office. Virtual assistants usually manage emails, make phone calls, organize travel arrangements, schedule appointments, and much more.

Even if no experience is particularly needed, most people who work as virtual assistants typically have broad experience as administrative assistance.

However, there are growing opportunities for people who have skills in content management, bloggers, online marketing, and social media posting.

Becoming virtual assistance requires someone to possess some skill to meet the client's requirements.

The basic requirements include communication and writing skills, data entry and typing skills, computer skills, being self-motivated and disciplined, proper decision making, and research and continuous learning.

Online English Tutor

An online English tutor is the perfect job for native English speakers or graduated teachers.

In fact, while some companies require experience, others will give you the job even if you have none, as far as you're a native speaker.

As an online English tutor, you will often have private one-on-one lessons with the students, but this depends on the companies, and group classes are also common.

Online teachers plan and have full control over their teaching schedule. To be an online tutor, one has to be friendly, very patient, and be ready to teach English to anyone from children to business people.

Depending on the company and the time you're willing to invest, you can do the online classes anytime during the week.

While you can find your private students on websites like Superprof or Amazing Talker, you can also find an English tutor job at a Chinese online company.

In China, the most famous English teaching companies are the following:

  • VIPKid

  • Whales English


  • Cambly

  • Qkids

Lastly, and unlike other digital nomad jobs such as translator or content writer, online tutors need someone to have a stable Internet connection wherever they go.

Customer Service Agent

Another digital nomad job for absolute beginners that don't necessarily require experience is customer service agent.

Customer service agents interact with customers, help them take orders, give customers information on their purchases, answer questions asked by the customer, and organize their product returning process.

Since many companies prefer to outsource the customer service employees, there are many opportunities for freelancers and employees.

The jobs are readily available, and most recruiters don't require you to have a college degree. However, you will be at an added advantage if you have some experience and expertise for the job.

Social Media Moderator

As their job title suggests, social media moderators control a social media page, reply to comments, remove inappropriate ones, and regulate every post.

They go through every social media platform, checking the newest uploads. They also investigate matters, engage with society, answer inquiries, or even support the customers.

To become a successful social media moderator, you must possess specific skills to excel and meet clients' expectations, such as interpersonal skills and empathy.

Data Entry

A data entry analyst, or operator, is someone who inputs written information or files into a database or a spreadsheet.

Data entry analysts work for all organizations, from health companies to financial institutions to many more organizations requiring feeding information into an already created database.

While it is one of the best digital nomad jobs for beginners, it is also one of the easiest you can find. In fact, you won't need any certification or master's degree to get started.

Many digital nomads started working online with a data entry job to make money. They then found another more challenging occupation.

Some of the most critical skills and character traits include being self-motivated, planning and organizing your work, having good analytical skills, and being attentive to details.

Video Creator And YouTuber

Being a video creator is one the most flexible digital jobs for beginners that you can think of.

First of all, the best way to start as a video creator is by first creating a YouTube channel and start producing content that will get watchers interested.

While getting a YouTube channel successful and making money from it is undoubtedly hard work, you'll eventually be able to travel while documenting your journey and make a living out of it.

Other than being a YouTuber, selling stock footage is surely another way to make money online. Websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Depositphotos will sell your footage to their clients, and you'll earn a commission on the same.

To sum up, take advantage of traveling to different digital nomad destinations to shoot your journey and make money as a YouTuber.

Stock Photographer - Sell Photos Online

Just like a stock videographer, a stock photographer goes around to take photos that will sell online.

In order for stock photographers to earn big in this business, their skills and uniqueness are highly considered. They should research what to shoot, where to shoot, and when to shoot in a unique style.

Being a photographer is an art, and, as a photo seller, one should have experience in photography and post-editing.

The best photo-selling websites are, just like the video-selling ones, Depositphotos, Adobe Stock, and Shutterstock.

To sum up, if you want to make money online while traveling, being a stock photographer is one of the best digital nomad jobs for absolute beginners.


Last but not least comes one of the most time-consuming yet rewarding digital nomad jobs for beginners, bloggers.

A blogger takes care of his website, writes content that ranks on search engines, advertises his business, and much more. As a blogger, the skills you will need the most are certainly self-motivation, patience, and research.

Creating a website, content, advertising it, and making money out of it can take a long time if you don't know what you're doing.

For this reason, before starting to travel, you will want to do your research and start creating your blog.

The Bottom Line

These are the digital nomad jobs for absolute beginners that you should know about. While some require some types of skills, they are all doable without any previous experience and, above all, with no college degree.

Of course, as a digital nomad, you want to explore the world, but you also want to have a stable income, and these are the best opportunities.

Choose one of these relatively easy jobs, do your research and educate yourself, start looking for your first clients, and you're ready to become a digital nomad.

Maryna is a content specialist at ThriveMyWay. She has a unique level of experience due to studying for an MA in Communication Management abroad, and since then, she has been interested in location-independent work.


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