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Lovely Links: What I'm Into This Week

It's been a while since I posted some of my favourite links of the week. It's a little thing I like to do to show it isn't all doom and gloom out there in the news and hoo boy do I need some positive distractions lately. Here are some of my recent online picks of things that make me smile.

yurico momo flying squirrels needlefelted

Yurico Momo and her flying squirrels. Um, yeah sorry, have you seen anything as cute as this? Little baby needlefelted squirrels on a plate being picked up by chopsticks?? I mean-I needlefelt, but I can't come anywhere near the calibre of what Japanese artists are creating. Uhmuhgawd. Head to Yurico's Instagram here for more.

Okay, I can't stop myself. This is another Japanese needlefelting artist named cha-ta. Seriously, the sweetest. I have a lot to aspire to here.

frank okay photography television

Photo by frank okay

On a completely different topic, earlier this week I was published on Elephant Journal when they posted my article about 'How to Consume News Mindfully.' As a long time reader, I am so honoured to be included as one of their contributors. You can check it out here.

This artist is so amazing and his pieces are so beautiful, I have to share his website here. These are paintings, you guys. Not photos. Paintings. I hope that one day I have a chance to see them in real life. It's not very often I find art actually physically breathtaking but these women are so beautiful, I can't believe they aren't real. The artists name is Yigal Ozeri. Check out the other pieces on his website.

I hope this year to do some experimenting with aquafaba. Aquafaba is an egg substitute that is made from-get this-chickpea water. Like, the water that you get after soaking or canning chickpeas. A vegan alternative to meringue, as far as I can tell it can do almost everything egg white can do, including make macarons! This beautiful photo and recipe is from Kittee Berns, Cake Maker to the Stars and if you click here you can see her instructions on how to make these beautiful unicorn poos without eggs. Beautiful. Rainbow. Explosions. Everywhere.

Hey sewers! Have you guys seen La La Land yet? While not the most complex story, I found the film to be visually stunning and I'm a sucker for a musical. I could watch Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling dance probably forever.

Anyhoo, The Village Haberdashery is a sewing store in London and they have just published how to recreate some of Emma Stone's pretty dresses and outfits from the film. Check out their blog post here with pattern information so you can make your dupe in time for summer!

That's all from me for now! I would love to hear what online finds have made you smile, lately. Share any of your positive and uplifting finds in the comments below!


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