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An afternoon in Split, Croatia

The past few days have been really warm and even t-shirt weather at times. Even though the temperature has been hovering around 15c, it feels way warmer in the direct sun. Now the rain is coming back though and will probably stay until we leave here in a few days.

Here are a few pics from my recent sunny days in gorgeous Split, Croatia! There were all taken with my phone and no filters necessary!

Ancient Church - Split, Croatia

An ancient church - I think it said it was from the 13th century.

Stairs - Marjan - Split - Croatia

You have to climb up a LOT of stairs to get to the top of Marjan but you are rewarded with a beautiful view and the above church, among other sites.

Marjan - Split - Croatia

View of the city of Split from Marjan. Look at all the stairs!

Boats - Split - Croatia

Beach - Split - Croatia

Olive Grove - Split - Croatia

Beautiful Day - Split - Croatia

Dalmatian Riviera in Split - Croatia

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