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A Day Trip to Enoshima Island-Japan

As I get ready to head out on new travels and adventures I look back on past trips. This is a post from my old blog here. I cleaned up some of the photos a bit as they are over exposed and added other details where necessary.

Enoshima is one of my favourite day trips to take outside of Tokyo. We visited it this last time after a short three month stint in Japan where we were planning on staying but had to leave last minute because we didn't get our visa documents in time.

It was a very tumultuous time, and I still regret having to leave, but I think everything happens for a reason. If you go to Tokyo, please check Enoshima. It is such a unique, beautiful place.

Originally posted May 2013

The other day we went to Enoshima: a trip I was planning on taking during Golden Week before I knew we were leaving. We have been here many times and have also taken visiting friends and family here, but it’s been about six years. I wanted to make sure I got a chance to see it before we left. Enoshima is an island connected by a bridge to the mainland about 90-120 minutes outside central Tokyo.

It was kind of a crazy idea to come here during Golden Week, but what choice did we have? The crowds were insane and at one point the people were crammed to a stop…the nice thing about Japan is no one ever pushes or shoves and everyone just walks patiently.

There are so many steps at Enoshima. If you want you can buy a ticket which allows you to take a series of escalators all the way to the top. I’ve never done this, though. The climb is part of the fun and makes the rewarding views all the better…

Tidal pools...

Wouldn’t want to live here during a big earthquake…it’s already crumbling…

Corn on the cob: charcoal grilled wtih soya sauce….

It was a beautiful day! I miss Japan very much and I hope I get a chance to visit again soon.

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