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5 Food Inspired Wishlist Items for Xmas Gifting!

Well it seems like a lot of bloggers are putting their Christmas Wish Lists out there lately, so I decided to throw some of my pics into the mix and show you some of the things that have been sitting in my Amazon wishlist for ages.

Most of the things in my Amazon Wishlist tend to be either coffee related or cookbooks. Since, for the past five years I have been living abroad half the year or more and with family the rest of the time, my kitchen items are pretty sparse.

Most of my kitchen stuff has been storage for about five years and I have limited space to work with, so I haven't really made any big kitchen accessory or decoration purchases in the last few years.

I did, however, receive a Vitamix as a gift from my man which was a HUGE addition to my kitchen arsenal (and a huge gift, price wise!) and I am so in love with it I don't know how I lived without it, but again, I don't have my own kitchen so it's getting limited use.

I think these items on my Wishlist would make a great addition to anyone's kitchen and the books are especially perfect for vegetarians. I recommend picking up any of these for a loved one if you are like me and haven't even started Christmas shopping yet!

I'm a big fan of all of Jamie Oliver's kitchen deco. I love anything retro inspired which reminds me of old enamelware. I love enamelware and have a few vintage pieces but I'm a bit sketched out by actual vintage enamelware cuz who knows what's in that stuff!

This is a gorgeous bread bin and actually, the line has a bunch of matching items and I love them all. I don't know about using the lid as a cutting board though-it's too nice!

Admittedly, I don't know a tonne about the Instant Pot but so many friends have recommended it to me, that it's been sitting in my Wishlist for a while. From what I understand it's basically a pressure cooker than can do a tonne of other things from making porridge, to soup to yogurt. It has a timer and a slow cooker option and apparently you can even steam stuff in it.

There are a tonne of cookbooks out there now that are Instant Pot specific and it seems like a handy, cool little gadget to have around if you're busy and I think it would replace my slow cooker and do a lot more. Let me know if you have one and what you like making in it!

How much do I deep fry? Um, not at all. I'm actually really scared of hot oil and deep fryers. Growing up, my Mom was an avid deep fryer and we had donuts and homemade french fries galore. It was awesome! But we were not allowed anywhere near the kitchen when my Mom was deep frying as she had a deep seated fear of us somehow pulling the oil down on top of us.

So consequently I've never had a deep fryer and I am basically terrified of them. When I took a cooking class in Thailand, my teacher was throwing things in a huge wok of oil, willy nilly, outside on an open propane burner and I was basically paralyzed with fear as she laughed at me.

But a friend of ours has one of these Philips Air Fryers and they are sooo amazing, even for vegetarian use. I used hers a lot while staying with her and they are amazingly versatile! Everything comes out super crispy but not greasy because you are not cooking with any oil at all.

I've made french fries, sliced tofu, soy based chicken cutlets, spring rolls, falafels, wontons and vegetables in this thing and they come out brown and awesome. The only thing I can't figure out is how to do battered stuff like tempura, but I don't think you can-if you can, let me know in the comments. Anyway, this thing has a temperature gauge and a timer and it's so easy to clean because again-no oil! I love it.

I've been following Jeanine Donofrio's blog for ages now and the amount of recipes I've bookmarked tells me that I need this book. Her husband Jack's photos are fresh, bright and beautiful and they make everything look good.

A staple in the kitchens of many coffee lovers, the Chemex coffee carafe has been around for a long time. In fact, its been around since the 40's and has held a place in the Museum of Modern Art for design innovation. They are minimalist and pretty and make a mean pour over. And is it possible to have too many coffee brewing accessories? I say no!

What items are on your Xmas wishlist? I have many more cookbooks on mine that you can see here (I am a cookbook addict) and if I get time within the next couple of days, I will post another vegetarian cookbook specific list. Happy holidays and happy cooking!

NB: This page contains affiliate links which allows me to earn a tiny amount on each purchase made from any of the Amazon links on this page. Thanks for your support!

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