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My Top 5 Must Have Items For Budget Travel

Osprey Farpoint Backpack 55

This is the exact model of backpack that we have been using and it's gone on many trips now and has lasted several years. This backpack is a powerhouse and is seemingly indestructible. Best of all, it has a removable day pack, so I use the daypack as my carry on and check the bigger bag.

The daypack has space for a laptop and everything else you might need during a flight and the main pack is easy to pack with a lockable, double zipper that goes all the way around the bag so you don't have to load it from the top.

Osprey makes durable packs in a variety of sizes and I like that they aren't too heavy, despite their metal frame. Did I mention they are very strong? Not only that, but they come with a lifetime warranty, so if anything falls apart on it that can be blamed on their manufacturing, they'll fix or replace it.

scrubba washbag

What is this weird looking thing, you ask? Well, it's the Scrubba and it's pretty much changed my game when it comes to long term backpacking and dirty ol sink laundry. Yeah, that's right, sometimes I gotta wash my own clothes.

Actually, quite often. Either I just have a few items at a time, that don't really justify paying for my laundry, or we're somewhere where laundry service isn't as common, or whatever.

What I used to do to wash my two tank tops and some underwear is to wash them in the sink. What this bag does is serve as a portable washing machine.

You just throw in a few items of clothing, fill with water to the line after adding some laundry soap and use the internal rubberized washboard to scrub your clothes. The bag itself inflates to give it some structure and the top rolls and clips shut to keep the water in. Genius!

Eagle Creek Pack It Cube

I have just now replaced my previous Eagle Creek Pack It Cube, after using it for about 10 years. There's nothing even wrong with the previous one, other than the inside plastic peeling a bit but, after a decade and plenty of trips, I am okay with this.

I use one of these pack it cubes as a toiletry bag but Eagle Creek makes bags in all shapes and sizes, whether you want one for your toiletries or for packing clothes. I like them because they fit well in a backpack and they don't seem to ever fall apart. The strong, water-resistant lining that basically means I don't have to worry if something leaks in my bag.

Silicone Travel Bottles

There are so many reasons why I love these things. First off, they are small, so they can be filled with lotion and put in my carry on while still meeting airline regulations.

Because they are silicone, they are flexible and withstand the pressure that usually seems to make all my lotion and shampoo bottles explode once I'm airborne.

And finally, they are completely washable and reusable. Gone are the days when I take full bottles of shampoo or conditioner anywhere. You can pretty much buy shampoo anywhere for a reasonable price. Now I just take enough in these bottles to last me a week or so, and buy more when I get to where I'm going! Easy peasy.

Universal Power Plug Adapter With USB

Are you still lugging around fifty adapters and chargers for all your various devices? Why don't you just buy one that does it all? I don't know why I didn't figure this out earlier but now I carry one basic universal adapter that handles my phone, tablet and camera.

This one is even better, as it has four USB charging ports built in, so you can charge everything. It's good for every country.

These are just a couple of the items I take with me every time I travel that have helped me pare down things to a streamlined amount of stuff. I'm always looking for new items that do the job of several other things.

What are your must have items for travel?

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