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Hey there! My name is Jenn and I thank you for making your way here to my little space of calm. I am a coffee drinking, crochet loving, travel enthusiast who is very pleased to meet you.


 If you’re into a little DIY, enjoying the good life by connecting to the world around you in the present moment, taking long photo walks, travelling the world on a budget and cooking simple vegetarian food, we will be fast friends.


My hope is to create a little digital world of positivity, simplicity and to connect with like-minded people who want to share like interests.

My blog posts might consist of travel tips, or a good recipe or maybe just a few snaps I have taken whilst out and about and I am super excited to have you come along on my journey.

Let’s connect! Please follow me on Twitter or Instagram at @mzflaneuse.  Want me to write for you or write a guest post on my blog? Click the ‘Work With Me’ link at the top of this page or shoot me an email at jenn.peters@gmail.com

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